coffee's true value

"...Most people punctuate their working life with coffee. I have had a meeting with a mandarin in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Costa jammed into the Victorian high-columned and marbled interiors, and have concluded serious business at a Starbucks on the M4. I write this from Coffee Circus in Crouch End...

But mostly I meet people somewhere for coffee. Coffee-drinking is an ideal, cost-effective way to connect with someone, to be in personal, face-to-face proximity with another human — something we all value more and more in this increasingly computerized world full of impersonal algorithms, data and social networks. The robots may be coming but they can’t make anything like the conversation we humans can...

In his mid-19th-century History of England, the historian Thomas Babington Macaulay wrote that “the coffee houses were the chief organs through which the public opinion of the metropolis vented itself”. Lloyds of London came out of the coffee house in Tower Street in 1686. Shipping news was exchanged along with the gossip of the day..." by Julia Hobsbawn

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