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February 1, 2017


As time flies by, my metabolism is nothing like before.  I got filled easily and the junk food I used to crave I like no more now.  It can just be all in my head or my body is talking for herself.  I see it in a fast forward mode in my mom.  To make life more complicated, she is diabetic and, a vegetarian.  Food has been such a big part of our family gatherings.  Without the piggin' out moments, the gathering just feels... incomplete.  Glad that she is still able to enjoy coffee with a little froth, no sugar of course.  My hubby would make her a little cup and she would sip it like a little girl just won a lollipop after a full marked test without guilt.  I think it is the little cue of life -- not to mourn what you can't have but to treasure every little things that you can have now.

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