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Long Island, New York


Why Chorus Beans?

Unique clean roasting method

Our beans are roasted in a custom-made air-dynamic machine to produce clean, smooth taste with no bitterness and unnecessary acidity. The results are more evenly-roasted beans with more aroma, flavor, body and brightness.

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Specialty coffee beans

We only use top-grade coffee beans scored 85+ points to ensure the greatest coffee quality, much higher than any commercial grade coffee. No added flavor. Full of natural tasting notes.

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Custom roast-to-order

Always small batches. We custom-roast after your order is placed to guarantee absolute freshness delivered at your doorstep.

Still not convinced? Let us give you a sample and win you over.
Chorus Beans Free Coffee Beans

what does it mean to your cup?

We work hard to meticulously blend and roast small batches of coffee beans to perfection, bringing out the genuine flavors and elegance of the beans for serious leisure coffee connoisseurs. We developed our own unique clean roasting method to evenly roast, unlock the aroma and the flavors of the coffee beans, increase its smoothness, body and brightness, as well as to eliminate unnecessary acidic and burnt bitter taste. We want to taste the true coffee not the roaster. We only select specialty coffee beans with a cupping score of 85.0+ and we roast to order to give the best possible freshness to ensure optimal quality. All of our blends go through a stringent cupping lab evaluation before we deliver. We commit to ship the beans within 48 hours from roasting. 

We believe the craft of a coffee, any kind of drink for that matter, is about the heart and the creativity of the maker.


Let us never underestimate the power of a well-roasted bean.


how did it happen?

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A geeky guy with a passion for coffee


I am the husband of a lovely wife and the father of a playful boy who never stops. I am also a man of many passions who always likes to pursue perfection in everything I do. 


So fascinated by the making of a good cup of coffee specifically its intricate roasting chemistry, I found myself onto a continuous quest of the mystery of great coffee.  I talked to industry people.  I self taught.  I took professional classes.  Being a hands-on innovator, the only way for me to crack the puzzle of the roasting science was to develop my own computerized coffee roaster and roasting method.  And I did.  The more I searched, the more I found the limitless variety and dimensions of this drink, may it be the origin, quality, blend of beans, roasting profile, just to name a few...


I started with personalizing my own coffee beans, then I experimented with family and my friends. It was how everything began.


Why the name "Chorus Beans"?

"Chorus" means a group of singers or dancers performing together in an unified role on a stage musical or opera. Beans being roasted in the core is like singing and dancing setting the stage for our coffee to create one of your joyous moments in life, not for the daily grind or the common, mundane need for caffeine.


My goal is to custom-craft superb coffee beans to your taste. I believe in constant learning and improving. I hope you would give Chorus Beans a try. Let me know your feedback as my job is to perfect that wondrous cup for you.

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